Two Sisters Storage Service

Two Sisters offers a wide range of boxes in over 60 different sizes, providing you with plenty of options to pack your belongings. Feel free to visit our store and choose the boxes that suit your needs. We prioritize sustainability and encourage you to reuse any boxes you already have or consider using plastic bins or suitcases for storage.

No appointment needed!  Bring your belongings to our store anytime during our regular business hours.

If you are unable to transport your item(s) to or from our store on your own, we provide local pickup and delivery services. It's important to schedule these services at least a day or two in advance since last-minute requests may not be possible during busy periods. Please ensure your items are packed and ready at the scheduled time to avoid any delays or additional charges if we have to wait.

When your storage term comes to an end, please inform us a few days in advance. This will allow us to retrieve your items from our storage facility and have them prepared for you to pick up at our store. Alternatively, if you're not in the New London County area, we can ship your stored items to any location worldwide.

Here are a few more details to consider: