JC: 860-376-3283 Groton: 860-910-0060

Carrier pickups:
Jewett City: UPS - 4pm
Fedex - 3pm
DHL - 3pm

Groton: UPS - 4pm
Fedex - 4pm
DHL - 3pm

U.S. Postal pickup times vary

Two convenient shipping locations

Historic Slater Mill
39 1/2 Wedgewood Drive in Jewett City Connecticut

tel: 860-376-3283 fax: 860-376-4215

105 Bridge Street in Groton Connecticut (directions)

tel: 860-910-0060 fax: 860-910-0049

We go the extra mile for you!

Since 2003 we have been "going the extra mile" for each and every customer. That is our purpose and our mission.

Whether you need to pack, ship, print or perform a tedious office task, allow Two Sisters Shipping and Business Center to assist you!

If you are wondering if we provide a related service but aren't sure - ASK - and if we don't already, maybe we can! Take a look at our more popular services:

• Ship virtually anything, almost anywhere with us!

• Packing - Experienced, professional
packers - custom boxes and palletization

• Fax - Copy - Scan

• Notary Public

• Courier Service ◀New!

• Mailbox Rentals

• Virtual Mailbox

• Professional Printing (Business cards,
school memory books, posters, fliers, etc.)

Skip the Post Office and visit The Sisters!

Notary Services

We have a notary available all day (9a - 5p) at our Jewett City location.

We have a notary at our Groton location on most days, but only during certain hours. Check our Facebook page for specific times.

If you require a witness please bring your own as we do not have the staff to provide a witness.

Two Sisters Shipping

Two Sisters Shipping offers most of the same services as your local US Post Office!

In addition to our Freight, FedEx, UPS, and DHL services, we are also an approved US Postal center and so you can drop off your outgoing mail, purchase stamps, and do many of the things you can do at the Post Office. We have personal mailboxes so you can have your US Mail delivered right to your private mailbox in our store.

We have convenient parking and friendly service! Also, we are open on government holidays and every Saturday

Skip the Post Office and visit The Sisters!

Two Sisters - Jewett City Hours:

Monday - Friday 9-5 • Saturday 9-12 • Closed Sunday


Two Sisters - Groton Hours:

Monday - Friday 9-5:30 • Saturday 9-12 • Closed Sunday


If you can't make it to one of our stores while we're open, call us for an off-hours appointment!

(Off-hours appointments not available for prepaid shipments or shipments paid for using other shipping accounts)

Jewett City:

tel: 860-376-3283 fax: 860-376-4215


tel: 860-910-0060 fax: 860-910-0049

Computer troubles? Wifi not working properly?

Do you need help creating a website for your business, do you need help with wifi at your home?

Right here in our store Chris and Roger operate Helpdesk Xpress, a full-service computer repair and consulting service. They can help you at your home or at your place of business.

Stop in at either Two Sisters location and ask about Helpdesk Xpress! Their office is located within our Jewett City store and they stop into our Groton store often.


Important Information Regarding

Pre-paid Drop-offs

Two Sisters Shipping DOES accept pre-paid drop-offs however we are NOT a franchised "UPS Store", therefore we are not able to process Amazon returns with a QR Code like the one pictured at right ➡ ➡ ➡

If you have a label with a QR Code (an Amazon return) we hope you'll join us in submitting a complaint to Amazon - they are actively trying to impact small shipping stores like ours in a negative way.

From UPS Corporate offices:

“Amazon contracted with The UPS Store corporate franchise office for this package return program and only The UPS Stores can process and accept these shipments”.

This is causing significant pain and inconvenience for Amazon.com customers who would prefer to use stores like Two Sisters Shipping rather than a The UPS Store. In our area this means a drive to Greenwich, RI or to Clinton, CT, so customers are stuck with no good option. Amazon.com should be informed (by you, their customers) how this is ruining their Amazon.com shopping experience.

QR Code


Customer Service:



866-216-1075 (Amazon payments)

Amazon Corporate HQ:


Non-Amazon Option For Posting Complaints:

Two Sisters Shipping and Business Center has been providing professional shipping and packing services in Southeastern Connecticut since 2003!