Estate Closeout Packaging and Shipping

When packaging and shipping is needed for an estate closeout, you need to call a company who has the experience and the know-how to help you during this emotional time.

Whether it's because of a death of a loved one, divorce, retirement or just plain downsizing for your future.....we can help you with all the logistics!  We will come out to your location and give you an educated estimate.

• We will help you decide the best way to ship your items as economically as we can for you.

• We will provide insurance for your valuables.

• We provide extra security with our packaging quality.

• We can crate your items, we can box those odd shaped and fragile items.

• We ship by UPS, FedEx, and many different Freight job is too small or too large.

• Multiple shipping locations are not a challenge, it is something we do everyday!

• Single items up to a roomful of furniture, The Sisters can ship for you.

• We are very experienced packaging specialists that will package your family's treasures!

• We have free pickup service and will gladly come to your location to pack your items.